Upcycle Shoes On The Fly

Posted on March 11, 2011


Urshuz, a new shoe company, gives the consumer the ability to customize  their shoes for any particular circumstance. Although some of the Urshuz materials might look a little odd, the concept for the shoes is quite unique and potentially revolutionary. “Change everything!” is their slogan.

The shoes components are interchangeable through a series of rings fastened to the uppers. These rings then attach to grooves in the sole. Different uppers from canvas shoe to a flip flop can be attached to the same sole. Alternatively, a different colored sole can be attached to the same upper. In terms of customization, this is awesome. Also, it is environmentally friendly in the sense that whichever part wears out first can be replaced without replacing the whole shoe. Also, the rubber soles can be easily recycled or reused.

Grant Delgatty, the founder of Urshuz, has been a shoe designer for fifteen years most recently being Director of Design at Vans Footwear. Check out the company’s website here or on any of the pictures.

The shoes are coming soon with men’s products being available first in June 2011. Prices for soles plus uppers are expected to range from $45 to $75 dollars depending on the styles. Urban Outfitters and the Urshuz  online website plan to sell the shoes so far.

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